Does Gaines Church Do Water Baptism? 

Yes. A couple of times a year, you will notice an advertisement for Baptisms in an upcoming service. Following the example of Jesus, we believe it is natural for a believer in Christ to get baptized soon after they commit themselves to him. Baptism is an expression of your commitment to Christ and a symbol of his death, burial, and resurrection. We primarily baptize by immersion but will accommodate for sprinkling, dunking, and pouring per our belief to keep unity midst these different approaches.

Right before he died, Jesus had a special supper with his disciples during which he gave wine and bread to everyone (Luke 22:7-22). He called the bread his body and the wine his blood and said that we should do the same thing to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. This is why Gaines Church celebrates the Lord’s Supper (or Communion) by eating bits of bread and drinking small cups of grape juice to remind ourselves of what Jesus did for us. We observe communion aprx. once per quarter in our weekend services.

Does Gaines Church Rent its Facilities?
Gaines Church allows those who call it “home” to rent the church facilities. External applicants may rent the facility for Weddings only (no other event types are permitted). Though ministry needs always take precedence, we make every effort to accommodate your facility needs. Regularly participating constituents of Gaines Church are given discounted rates. As a kind gesture to those who are grieving a loss, Gaines Church charges minimal fees for funerals. To book an event, contact the Main Office: gaineschurch.org/contact or 616-698-8252.

Child Protection Policies
Gaines Church values the safety of your children above all else. To ensure your children are cared for in a safe environment, we background-check all Kid’s Team volunteers and staff. From the time you check your child in at the sign in station, you will notice our efforts protect your child.

Infant Health Protection
We care about kids!  To this end, we ensure you that ALL toys and surfaces in our infant nursery are regularly sanitized and deep-cleaned.

Service-Oriented Outreach. It’s What we do to show Christian Love!
You’ll find us frequently offering service opportunities in our local community. We believe the best way to show Christian love to our neighbors, is to serve them! To this extent, you’ll see us do things like clean up after local holiday parades and help neighbors in need.

How do I know if Gaines Church Events are Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather?
For church closing information check WOOD-TV8/WOTV, WZZM-13, FOX-17, WCSG Radio, Facebook, Twitter, or GainesChurch.org.

How do I Become a Member?
Interested in how Gaines Church works and what we believe? Discover Gaines Church is our way of helping you understand what we are about, and why we do what we do. This class is the only requirement for Covenant Membership at Gaines Church. A self-study option is available via a packet at our Info Center in the Main Facility Foyer.

Photography at Church Events
Informed Consent Disclosure / Release of Photography: Participation in Gaines Church activities constitutes consent to its employees, agents and assigns the irrevocable and unrestricted right to photograph you and/or your dependent and use the photo and/or a reproduction of his/her physical likeness for publication processes, whether electronic, print, digital or electronic publishing via the Internet and in any other manner or medium; and to alter the same without restriction.