Our Values

The following language articulates the things we, the people of Gaines Church, place value upon.

GOD’s WORD – The Bible is the inspired word of God revealed to us. It has the power to transform, correct, teach and is the final authority for our lives. As a church we believe spiritual wholeness is found through interaction and application of God’s Word.

PRAYER – The essential foundation for an effective Christian life and ministry is constant conversation with God.

ONENESS – The Bible teaches that Christ makes us one with God and each other. Oneness in Christ bridges all generations, cultures, and classes, uniting us together as one body.

GIFT-ORIENTED MINISTRY – We are all uniquely wired to serve Christ and each other. People serving in an area of passion or giftedness become a conduit for Christ’s ministry. Serving Christ brings about fulfillment, accomplishment, excellence, and purpose in life.

AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS – We are designed to be in relationships, with God and others. Authentic relationships are loving, open, honest, and vulnerable. Real relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.

FAMILY/COMMUNITY – God’s children are all one family under His leadership. Within each family there are people of all ages, each with equal value. We desire to equip, strengthen, and serve each group through various ministry opportunities.

MISSIONAL FOCUS – We believe that Jesus sends His church into the world to proclaim and embody the Good News of God’s Kingdom.

SERVICE – God has called his followers to sacrificially tend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others.